Brand Positioning

Color charm
Living presentation
Goodbye to plain face
A fashionable beauty
Heaven - made beauty comes
from office...

Concise, aesthetic, precise intellectual positioning inherits professional stage make up tradition to bring into full play classic colors gentle charm with freshness and professionalism with conciseness making fashionable OL taste life and enhance the living quality.


Innovative Overflowing Colors Technology

Revolutionary multi-arris coloration technology, super-nanometer light texture

OFFICE international professional makeup utilizes the innovative multi-angle coloration technology, and the prefect combination of coloration particles of high molecule of latest mineral essence from Germany with skin-moistening essential oil extracted from natural plants, to ensure saturated but not massy colors, thus successfully surmounting the thorny problem of conflict between satiation of color and lightness of texture.

It allows riotous colors go into play before noticed, so light in texture as if no makeup has been applied that skin can be freely breathing. The unique skin double-moistening essence can enable not only the cosmetic itself to be naturally and smoothly spread, but also the moistening ingredients to the skin, making the make-up appearance perfect, natural and comfortably charming. And the particular over flowing colors system is a brand new breakthrough as a result of decades scientific research by office international makeup.

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