Brand History  

OFFICE professional white-collar makeup, originating from New York, USA since 1950, is a superfine global cosmetic brand under ANTE International, a well-known American industrial group. The group company has successively established R&D, production and marketing educational centers in America, Europe and Asia. Relying on years of experience in research & development of cosmetic materials and products, the company is fully committed to the research of fashionable makeup for white-collar women, and now equated with makeup fad of ladies worldwide.

OFFICE series elite cosmetics are all produced with natural plant and mineral essences through the scientific formulas and consequently characterized with softness, brilliance and permeability in nature. The makeup effect can fully exhibit such characteristics particulate to white-collar women as conciseness, naturalness and elegance. As a result, OFFICE series products have long been recommended as the best cosmetics by professional film-and-TV cosmetic institutions, color workshops, cosmetic educational institutions and cosmetic specialty shops. In 2006, OFFICE series makeup products are formally landing on Asia country, targeting fashionable makeup products for career women and teaching products of fashionable makeup for professional cosmetic training institutions.

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