Products - Lips

Silk Luster & Moistening Lip Gloss
Light, color-translucent, moistening

Contains abundant natural vitamins and other kinds of moistening element, it is natural and crystal.

Specially contains the plant lip-care essence, which can make your lips more delicate, more charming and more attractive.

It adopts its unique color-locking and heat-preserving formula. With the special design on the brush head, you can use it conveniently and freely.


3D Resplendent Lip Gloss
Presenting translucent dazzling color in a 3D way

With its unique natural 3D glittering factors contained, it can reflect colors and light as diamond does, in addition, this product contains abundant Vitamin E moistening and nourishing elements.

The 3D crystal visual effect will belongs to your lips with the help of its dazzling and changeful color-locking factors as well as the essence which extracted from the natural shea butter.



Fruits Moistening Lips Gloss

Moistening with fresh fruits to exhibit beautiful lips

Contains various kinds of natural vitamin and moistening elements as well as high pure pearl powder, it can enhance the special shining quality, and help you to show different charming effect instantly.


Lips Beautifying & Repairing Essence
Repairing essence displaying beauty and health to the full

Contains abundant vitamin, plant albumen essence and natural moisture-locking factors, it can effectively protect your lip from dryness, cracking, and desquamation. In addition, it can also effectively nourish and protect your lips, it is indeed a outstanding necessary before lips making-up.

3D Starlight Charming Lipstick
Contains abundant natural diamond particulate, it can create a colourful diamond gloss with the 3D optics principle, and can keep the moist, crystal and transparent effect on your lips.

Resplendent Gloss Lipstick
Glistening, translucent, opulent and moistening

With its resplendent gloss and brilliant colors, this product adopts the natural moisture locking factors, can ensure the soft and moist quality for a long time. It is especially good for the lips which are dry and with deep veins.

Five-Color Lipstick
Contains various kinds of vitamin and moistening element, the make-up effect made by this product is transparent, moist and long-lasting; you can freely arrange the different colors and glosses to make yourself enjoy the different make-up effect on your lips.


Moistening & Moisture-Locking Lipstick
Color-seal, water-replenishing, nourishing and shining lips

Contains various kinds of moisture-locking factors, it can deeply nourish lips and protect them from dryness, cracking and desquamation, can also keep the soft, water-like crystal and transparent effect on your lips for longer times.

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