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Traceless Defects Concealing Pencil
The pencil core of this product is made of natural and superior quality, the concealing effect made by it is natural; you can get better effect especially dealing with small defects.

Beautiful Color Liner Pencils
Adopts the top-ranking wooden pole which imported from German, and the natural quality pencil core, it is strong, fine and smoother, which can easily glide along the skin around eyes. With this product, you can draw the perfect lines, it will never irritate skin and easy to remove, suitable for both professional and non-professional persons.

Soft Lip Liner
The pencil core of the liner is smooth, soft and can ensure the fluent color applying, the lines made by it can last for a long time, and it is water-proof and oil resistant.

Your lips will instantly become sexy, attractive, and with 3D effect after you easily draw your favourite lip outlines with this product.


Natural Water-Proof Eyebrow Pencil
Adopts the imported materials and the unique pencil cores, combine with its unique water-proof formula, the product owns mild rigidity, can ensure the fluent lines and easy to apply, the color of make-up is natural and close to skin. And with this product, you can make your eyebrows attractive and charming.

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